About us

Hi and thanks for checking out kwotees! we are really happy you stopped by :-)

Our mission is to create awesome quotes on premium quality t-shirts that you will love wearing and showing off to your friends.

We also want to use kwotees as a platform to make a difference and pay it forward. So a percentage of every sale we make is donated to various charitable initiatives around the world.

Kwotees was created when one of the founders wanted to replace a particular t-shirt that was a long time favourite, but had seen better days. After trawling the Internet to find something similar without success, we decided to put our design skills to use and recreate the graphic. We found an awesome printer that made the shirt for us and we started wearing it.

Well, it seemed like every time we wore that shirt we would get comments from people saying how cool it was, asking where we got it, how much did it cost, etc.
We decided to see if that interest was the same online, so we created a website, partnered with one of America's leading printers and the shirts sold really well, with great feedback from everyone.

That first shirt started kwotees. If you were wondering about the name? well that original shirt contained a quote. We thought it would be great to continue that idea, so now every shirt we design contains a quote of some sort, hence kwotees (Quote Tees).

Thanks for being part of our story.